About Maddy

A fresh faced 17 year old out of Hoboken NJ with a serious aptitude for musical creativity and vocal precision, makes her artistic debut with a self composed harmonious single “Lose Interest”. Although only 17, Maddy comes front and center with an air of confidence and assurance normally only found in people seasoned with age. She seems wise beyond her years and shows her understanding for life through her innate ability to compose, sing and story tell with rhythmic and sweet-sounding notes. It is a rare feat to find a youthful girl with the essence of a woman who also possesses the adroitness of music. Her lyrics and tunes can be found on youtube, which represent only a small slice of her true ability.

Maddy Bowes: singer, songwriter, inventor, and a solid representation of maturity, know-how and model behavior.


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Just Released! Burning Daylight
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