About Maddy

Maddy Bowes, a fresh faced 17 year old out of Hoboken NJ, debuts with self-composed, musically addictive breakout songs that smash the heart.

With serious aptitude for vocal precision, Maddy, the girl, is wise beyond her years; and the woman, a soulful, musical prowess. She’s an all-together powerhouse, singularly confident and ready to strike.

Having found songwriting at the age of 13 and singing since way before then, Maddy Bowes emerges with the innate ability to compose, sing and story tell with rhythm and gut. She derives influence from strong women such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Carole King and Janis Joplin and follows to prominence the talents of Amy Winehouse, Adele, ZZ Ward and Gary Clark Jr.

Maddy Bowes has earned her way as a singer and songwriter with solid maturity gained from a professional entertainment background. She’s a sophisticated new voice for the next generation within moments of being well known in our big blue marble.


The kicking sound of this emerging star is lyrically unique, real and honest. Listen for her edgy tone, as Maddy Bowes has a voice that’s fierce, yet full of grace when she peels off the wool and takes off the gloves.

With songs like Little Miss Indiscreet, Don’t Call Me Evil and Got Away with Murder, Maddy Bowes’ musical stories embody gravitas in abundant proportions. She sings with true dignity emulating a woman’s strength with a blend of vulnerability, passion, innocence and aggression.

Having written these songs herself, Maddy Bowes is an original; a class act with a caliber of artistry that sets the barre for others, particularly those of her age. Experience the level of refinement that shines from the talented soulful compositions and first-time showcase of her own work.

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